The Autodidacts

Exploring the universe from the inside out is the blog of three thing-building, self-educating, voraciously-reading, computer-tinkering, music-playing brothers who hail from Canada’s west coast, where the weather is wet, the post office is open three days a week, and power outages are frequent.

Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education is the act of teaching oneself about a subject or subjects in which one has had little to no formal education. — Wikipedia

The topics covered here are eclectic — from nerdy commentaries on programming and web development, to philosophical musings on life and happiness, to the occasional primer on DIY neuroscience, and many other things besides. If you’re interested in just one category, subscribe to a tag: for example, you could subscribe to the RSS feed for Essay to skip the tutorials and technology articles, and just be notified of new essays.

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