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Autodidacts Newsletter #20

Six months since our last newsletter, we’re back with four new posts.

Wise counsel from someone who everyone wants to hire:

The Art of Resisting Promotion
The default course is: as soon as you’re doing a job well, you get encouraged to switch to a different job. This new job will likely be similar to what you’ve just been doing, but slightly larger, more complex, higher status, more flashy, and higher pay. And higher

Free advice on learning Spanish in the laziest possible way:

80/20 Spanish leaning tips
I have tried several methods of learning Spanish that didn’t work: * Spanish in 30 days (book & CD combo) * Duolingo * Memorizing vocabulary with Anki * Listening to Language Transfer Complete Spanish * Listening to Spanish music & watching Spanish films * “Spanish days” with fellow learners…

And two more intensely-boring tech tutorials:

Link to segment of a YouTube video with a set stop time using “end” URL query parameter
Sometimes, you just want to link to a specific segment of a YouTube video. Deep-linking to a specific start time in a YouTube video is fairly common — but sometimes specifying an end-time is as (or more!) important. After much fruitless Googling, I’ve found a way to do this: 1.
Using Rsync to Copy Files Off Your VM’s Persistent Volume
This is yet another small companion piece to my Ghost on Fly tutorials. In my last tutorial in the series, I showed how to back up your Ghost blog hosted on over SFTP. SFTP does the job, but transferring all those images and files every time is a

In case you missed it, these two posts were sent as stand-alone newsletters:

Useful keyboard shortcuts I learned too late
I’ve been using computers for a long time, and for most of that time, I’ve considered myself a power user — the kind of person who bothers to use keyboard shortcuts in the first place, runs Linux, and knows a bit about programming and the command line. Of course
How to reduce smartphone screentime
Yesterday evening I was laying by the fire and reading a book. It was my first evening off in a while; I had shut down my computer before heading for dinner, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. At one point, after finishing the section I was reading, I remembered about