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eBay Still (Secretly) Supports Dorking

Example of how to narrow eBay search with AND/OR/NOT logical operators

While shopping for a new Linux laptop, I attempted to use Google-style advanced search operators on eBay, without luck.

All references to such things seem to have been removed from their docs. But it turns out it’s still possible.

Here’s the syntax I've sleuthed out:

  • AND operator: thing1 +thing2
  • OR operator: (thing1,thing2)
  • NOT operator: thing1 -thing2

Notice that, unlike Google, there is no whitespace between the AND/NOT operator and the following term.

Here’s an example which includes the syntax for AND, OR, NOT operators:

ryzen +(7,9) +(t14,z13,x13,z16,g14,g16,"zephyrus","framework laptop",g15,"tuxedo","starlabs") -3750H

So far, I haven’t managed to get grouping to work within an OR statement (ie, “([ryzen +(7,9)],"framework") laptop” or “((ryzen +(7,9)),"framework") laptop”).

While we’re on the topic, Craigslist also supports this, with a more intuitive syntax:

(t14 | z13 | x13 | z16 | g14 | g16 | "zephyrus" | "framework laptop" | g15 | "tuxedo" | "starlabs") ("ryzen 7" | "ryzen 9")